Monday, August 04, 2008

~ Iwi girl ~

Iwi and I met three years ago in an Italian summer course, in Rome. Since we met we became close friends and although she had already walked through the city of Rome, she accepted walk one more time with me so I wouldn't go by myself. When she was about to leave to Poland, she invited me to go there for 10 days. Of course I took this chance, otherwise when would I go to Poland?!
Anyway, I left Italy, I went to London for 10 days and, after that, I headed to Polska. We had the best time together. I got to learn some Polish and she had some Portuguese as well. It was great.
When I went back to Brazil, we still kept exchaging e-mails and messages with each other. Meanwhile she started dating this really nice guy who lives in London and then she moved to London after she graduated from her course.
This year, I decided to take an English course for young lawyers and this was the opportunity to meet her again because the course was in London as well. In the end, we not only met, but also planned to go to Paris together with another Polish friend of ours and it was incroyable!!! We ohad so much fun that the days passed by really fast.
Yesterday it was the last time we've seen each other at least for this year. Her boyfriend Billy made us some pancakes for breakfast and we talked about a lot of things, including our possible meeting in Brazil next year.
Although it was only yesterday, I already can't wait to meet them again next year!!! It's so hard to say goodbye when you don't want to leave. I said goodbye and tried not to drop a tear, but it was really hard.
After I turned the corner, I just could feel it and could not look back anymore.
I hate goodbyes.

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