Saturday, November 22, 2008

~ Sweet Sweet November ~

My sweet sweet november, couldn't be any sweeter
Actually, it could, but I'm happy the way it is right now
Lots of things going on... break-ups, works, parties, surprises and farewells
And I just loved the way things went
Loved the way people looked at me at this month
The nice and different smells I could share
And the nice little words that I could hear
The good tastes I had
And the good surprises with no tears
It was surprising and amazing
But it was only it
Because it's november and everything was permitted
And now it is coming to an end
Just like the flavour that a good kiss leaves in your mouth
And leaves me with that sweet taste
The sweet taste of november...


Fernanda S. said...

Foto por Alberto Calheiros

Isadora Biella said...

É, nada dura para sempre, nem a Chuva de Novembro...uma hora coisas boas têm de acontecer =)