Saturday, August 01, 2009

First impressions

Chegamos em Taunton e, quando o pessoal já estava acomodado e possivelmente dormindo, parei e escrevi as minhas primeiras impressões do local...

Here we are. Now it’s 1:39 a.m. So far, everything is ok. There were no bags ((and no kids)) lost… thank God!
The trip was really long. It took us more than four hours to arrive to Taunton School, but although everybody was tired, it was worth every minute when we got here. The town is really small and really cute as well. It looks like we are in a fake town. Besides, the school looks like the castle from Hogwarts. We all felt that Harry Potter and his friends should be around in any minute.
In spite of arriving to the town at 9 p.m., the sun was still out and the view was the greatest.
After all kids were properly enrolled, they were settled into their rooms and we could get together to make the necessary phone calls and arrangements to everybody. When me and the other counselor went outside, although there was this chilly weather and the wind was blowing in our faces, the sky was the most amazing thing to look at. The full moon in between all that clouds was just something.
As we have to wake up really early and it is going to be a long day, I better get going.

Texto escrito em 8 de julho de 2009


Caco said...

I understand each and every word and, I dare to say, emotions too.

Fernanda S. said...

They are just something, aren't they?!

Caco said...

Adoro jujubas. Adoro a foto das jujubas no site!

Não, não você não tem a menor loção do quanto eu gosto de jujubas!!!