Tuesday, March 06, 2007

* Dropping quick quick notes *

I really don't know what has been happening with the world... everything seems to be upside down. I'm talking about this owing to some facts that just happened somewhere at Fernanda's little world that really shocks me and, at the same time, makes me feel really upset.

I really don't want to talk about somebody else's life, please, understand me, but I feel like exposing my view ahead the situation.

I do think if it's for the best for both, then it may be like this. And I do think the girl is mature enough to know better what is good or bad for her own life. Besides, I cannot judge neither one, nor the other one because I wasn't there and I am not aware of the whole situation. In addiction, I'm pretty sure that "the decision" hasn't been taken without a lot of thought in first place.

Unfortunately, some people don't see things this way and end up hurting others' feelings with stupid actions and meaningless words. It's sad 'cause after all we're together and we're supposed to act like a family: supporting each other, pointing the mistakes – but in a nice way and not imposing our likes and dislikes – trying to make the other feel better and also – why not? – give our shoulders to the other cry or the ears only to listen. Sometimes, people don't feel like talking about the issue and in this case it's important to remember that people are different and act differently in several situations. It's also really important to show that we're not talking about a baby who only cries when he/she wants to be fed. We're talking about a grown-up human being who has became an intelligent, beautiful and secure person, but on the other side, she is just a little girl asking for some comprehension.

I hope with all my heart that it all ends up well, without any hard feelings from both parts. And I do hope some grown-ups around grow up for real, get a life and start realizing that there are some people who need them more than they know.


Fê Savino said...

Foto de Mario Silva

Gente, queria dizer que ando fazendo textos enlouquecidos do escritório e postagens correndíssimo à noite... mas não abandonei vocês não!!!!

Nana... ameiiii ter te conhecido tb! Espero q esteja melhor!!! E logo menos passo no seu cantinho com ctz... nem precisa pedir duas vezes! hehe

Flááááá... ameiii o mexican, baby!!! Mais vezes, pleaseeeee!!!! E tb logo, logo irei dar uma espiada na mente de Flávia Melisa, viu?

Adoro vcs, meninas!


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